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Zoom to expand presence in Singapore

Zoom Video Communications said it would expand its presence in Singapore by opening a research and development centre and will hire hundreds of engineering staff for the new operations.
Zoom to expand presence in Singapore

Zoom Video Communications announced that it will expand its presence in Singapore by opening a new Research and Development Center, where it will hire hundreds of key engineering headcount. Zoom will also expand its co-located data center in the country. This commitment represents a growing strategic investment in the country, where Zoom has already had a presence for 2 years.

This expansion into Singapore will supplement Zoom’s existing R&D centers in the US, India, and China, and support Zoom’s engineering leadership, which is based at its San Jose, California headquarters. Zoom selected Singapore for its exceptional engineering talent. The company has already begun recruiting engineers in the area and looks forward to selecting office space as pandemic-related remote work subsides.

Zoom continues to expand its global data center locations by doubling its data center capacity in Singapore. The new expansion will ensure Zoom’s superior quality of experience, security, and reliability to its users across Asia Pacific.

The launch of a R&D center in Singapore represents Zoom’s strategy of developing its leading communications technology in multiple locations globally. The center will play a vital role as a source of innovation for Zoom, leveraging some of Singapore’s most talented professionals.

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