News: E-hailing drivers sue Transport Ministry, Grab in Malaysia

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E-hailing drivers sue Transport Ministry, Grab in Malaysia

The Campaign to Protect the Rights of E-Hailing Drivers includes a letter to the government citing the several grievances of drivers of e-hailing services.
E-hailing drivers sue Transport Ministry, Grab in Malaysia

As a part of a joint letter to the Transport Ministry and e-hailing cab operator, Grab, e-hailing drivers have claimed that they lack workers’ rights. 

According to the spokesperson for Campaign to Protect the Rights of E-hailing Drivers in Malaysia, Ng Kian Nam, the drivers want the government to recognize their rights under the Employment Act, forbid the unfair or baseless dismissals of these drivers in the country and prevent any form of discrimination against under-privileged, specially challenged individuals, and/or senior citizens. 

Ng also happens to be the MCA Civil Society Movement Bureau chief, who said that the letter also included a request for a special e-hailing services tribunal to deal with employment disputes within this sphere in order to balance out the power exerted by drivers and riders alike. 

This letter of demand is a form of method to ensure that the e-hailing drivers’ jobs are made more secure and safe. 

A fundraising campaign is also underway with the theme, “ Each person RM10, fight for our justice and dignity.”

Such petitions are a sign that there is an increasing demand for a structured and organized approach towards tackling the challenges of a workforce that is spread across various locations and operates on the basis of the principles of gig economy. To that end, ride-hailing services, food delivery services, etc. can tap into the expertise of traditionally established companies and take a leaf out of their employee handbook in order to set up the robust and sustainable processes to deal with internal differences, eliminate inherent human bias, and create a workplace environment that is safe, productive, and efficient. 

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