News: AirAsia co-founder may take over Malaysia Airlines, says jobs won’t get affected

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AirAsia co-founder may take over Malaysia Airlines, says jobs won’t get affected

Datuk Pahamin Ab Rajab along with five other partners plans to take a 49 percent stake in the airline.
AirAsia co-founder may take over Malaysia Airlines, says jobs won’t get affected

Former AirAsia Group Bhd Chairman Datuk Pahamin Ab Rajab and five other businessmen met Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, yesterday to share their interest in helping the government turn around the ailing national carrier Malaysia Airlines Bhd.

Pahamin is even said to have assured the Prime Minister that the group of businessmen will not sack anybody at Malaysia Airlines. 

“We will also not ask for financial support from Khazanah or the government. We will (ask to) have the right to manage without interference from the government,” he added.

While the group of people led by Pahamin might take a 49 percent stake in the airline, they promise to not change the national branding and name. 

Pahamin said, “It will remain as Malaysia Airlines and it will be an international airline.”

How Pahamin plans to turn around Malaysia Airlines

According to Pahamin, Malaysia Airlines has structural cost problems and lacks in terms of engagement with its employees.

“There is no synergy between management and its people. When you craft a corporate plan, everyone must be involved, you need to give ownership to your employees, you need their support to execute the plan,” he said. 

Pahamin hence plans to not only invest in the company and support it materialistically but also plans to way the airline functions. However, he promises that no one will lose jobs. 

The current employees of Malaysia Airlines might not lose jobs but they will definitely have to adjust and work as per the new leadership. Pahamin might make some structural changes in the company. As his statement suggests, he may take up initiatives to enhance employee engagement and give them more ownership. Only time will tell if Pahamin gets the opportunity to bring back Malaysia Airlines from the ashes or not. And when he does get the chance to turn around the business for the airline how he keeps his promises will be something to look forward to. 

Currently, the future of the Airline remains unclear and the final decision still lies with the government. 

As the Malaysian government plans to shut down or sell the airline, several proposals are emerging. In fact, even its sole shareholder Khazanah has its own plan to turn around the airline and could involve a stake sale.

A few other proposals still on the table are from some former employees of Khazanah and Jentayu Danaraksa Sdn Bhd. As per report, there is another proposal from the Middle East, particularly from Qatar, coming in as an investor. 

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