News: Starbucks to boost workers’ mental health benefits

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Starbucks to boost workers’ mental health benefits

Starbucks in United States has set out to enhance its existing employee assistance program and centered its focus on employee mental health.
Starbucks to boost workers’ mental health benefits

Starbucks hosted its first conference for employees since 2014 in Chicago. The conference, Starbucks’ Leadership Experience announced a series of changes coming soon that will affect employees. 

One of the initiatives that the company plans to focus on is employees’ mental health. Starbucks hosted two sessions on mental health during the conference and has more resources about the topic in the works.

Starbuck’s employee assistance program, which provides short-term counseling to all U.S. employees, will be enhanced with input from employees and mental health experts. Beginning in the second quarter, Starbucks store managers will begin training inspired by Mental Health First Aid, a program that teaches laymen how to help someone with a mental illness.

According to a company-wide memo last Thursday, store managers and field leaders will participate in a Mental Health Matters session with a clinical psychologist, where they will practise emotional first aid and discuss what it means to thrive and develop self-awareness.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson shared, “We believe this is a societal problem and we want to take steps within Starbucks for our partners to break the stigma of mental health, acknowledge that it exists, and do some creative things to provide services to those in need.” He further said there will be more announcements in context to the employee’s mental health being.

The coffee giant is currently offering healthcare for both part-time and full-time US employees, such as stock, college tuition assistance, and family leave benefits.

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