News: The Mom Project Launches $500K fund to keep moms working


The Mom Project Launches $500K fund to keep moms working

Funds will be granted to family-friendly small and medium-sized business partners to extend current staff and stimulate hiring plans to onboard more moms during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Mom Project Launches $500K fund to keep moms working

The Mom Project, one of the leading career destinations for moms has announced a special program that will fund $500,000 in grants to boost employment and support businesses amidst the economic turbulence caused by COVID-19. In addition, the company has added several key initiatives and product enhancements aimed at bolstering female workforce participation and arming companies with powerful insights.

The swelling impact of COVID-19 has left many in its wake, but working moms face a particularly grueling strain. The economic impact of working moms' coronavirus-related anxiety is estimated at $341 billion, and approximately 60 percent of the jobs eliminated in the first wave of pandemic-induced layoffs were held by women. More losses are expected as stay-at-home mandates are being extended in many states, and the timeline for an eventual reopening of the economy (and childcare options) remains unclear.

"Right now, our community of moms and businesses need us more than ever," said Allison Robinson, CEO and Founder at The Mom Project. "The Stronger Together Fund is an extension of our commitment to the potential of moms in the workforce and we will invest in what we are uniquely qualified to do; bring companies and moms together to make businesses and families stronger."

"For the first time since the quarantine began, I don't feel like my career is doomed," said Erica Naranjo Cancasci, a Mom Project Community Member from Chicago.

In addition to the Stronger Together Fund, The Mom Project has delivered several key initiatives such as remote job opportunities, pro bono career coaching to support working parents and hiring partners since last month. 

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