News: United Airlines says no merit to vax mandate exemption claims by employees


United Airlines says no merit to vax mandate exemption claims by employees

United Airlines faces issues with regard to its vaccine mandate policies. Employees citing religious and medical exemption to the vaccine were subjected to intrusive examinations. Six employees have now filed a class action lawsuit against United.
United Airlines says no merit to vax mandate exemption claims by employees

Employees at the US based aerospace company, United Airlines Inc. claim illegal and non-secular denial of medical and religious exclusion from Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Among the agitated employees, six of them have approached the Texas Federal Court. By this lawsuit, workers aim to group around 2000 other employees at the airlines, having a collective belief against the alleged autocratic mandates. The recent lawsuit against the airlines follows another case over vaccine obligations, which was duly ruled out by the Court being improperly filed.

It is further contended that United Airlines indulged in irrelevant and intrusive scrutiny, forcing employees who applied for the exclusion to get medical certificates and letters of pastors.   

As per the proceedings in the said case, the aggrieved party has prayed for temporary disablement of Covid-19 vaccine mandate for workers who have sought exclusion from getting vaccinated. They further revealed that the airlines provided a deadline till August 31, 2021 to apply for vaccine exemptions. But the applications were rejected categorically, without even considering the merits. The plaintiffs further allege adoption of discriminatory practices citing religion and disability by the airlines, violating Federal laws.

Meanwhile, the opposite party- United Airlines has rather come up with a stern step, stating termination of employees if they fail to get at least their first coronavirus vaccine jab by the end of September 27, 2021.

It is pertinent to point out that the airline claims a rather affirmative response from its workforce regarding the vaccine obligations. 97% of its US based workforce is vaccinated. The said lawsuit caters to numerous legal dilemmas faced by the employers owing to the US President Joe Biden's aim to have mandatory vaccinations or regular weekly Covid-19 tests at companies with 100 or more employees.

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