News: 0.45-month mid-year bonus for Civil Servants in Singapore

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0.45-month mid-year bonus for Civil Servants in Singapore

About 1,400 civil servants shall benefit from the higher lump sum payment.
0.45-month mid-year bonus for Civil Servants in Singapore

The Public Service Division announced that Civil servants in Singapore will receive a 0.45-month mid-year bonus and a one-off payment of at least S$200.

As per the new update, lower-wage civil servants in Grades IV and V of the Operations Support Scheme (OSS) will receive a higher lump sum payment of S$300. Further, for civil servants in Grade V of the OSS, there will also be a built-in wage increase of up to S$50, along with their annual increment.

The mid year payments shall be made in July and benefit about 1,400 civil servants.

The new bonus plan stems from Government's commitment to support lower-wage civil servants.

"The civil service mid-year annual variable component of 0.45 month is a reflection of the lower GDP forecast and the economic uncertainties caused by the trade tensions," said Cham Hui Fong, Assistant Secretary-General of National Trades Union Congress. 

Fong added that the government must continue to push ahead with innovation and training to raise productivity.

He said, 'We will work closely with PSD and the unions to boost their skills levels and continue to invest in job redesign to enhance the job value."

While the incentives will help boost morale and productivity of the civil servants, the government also need to pay attention on harnessing their skills as per the changing demands.

When we talk about moving in tune with the changes  we are not only referring to the professionals in corporates. Public officers must also remain relevant and adapt to the changing dynamics. They should focus on upgrading their skills, especially in areas of digitalisation and learn to use of new technologies.

Awareness about the trends shaping the economy and its future is important for Public Officers to lead the entire country towards better tomorrow. 

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