News: Enablis revamps key leadership with Stuart Couchman named new CEO


Enablis revamps key leadership with Stuart Couchman named new CEO

With Couchman’s appointment, founder Jon Evans has been moved to a new role of Director where he will look after the day to day management.
Enablis revamps key leadership with Stuart Couchman named new CEO

Enablis, Australia’s management service provider, has announced reshuffling of their C-Suite by announcing the elevation of Stuart Coachman as the new CEO. Previously, he was the Managing Director at the company. The move shifts the nature of founder Jon Evan’s role, who will be moved to become the new Director of the company. 

As per the company’s statement, Couchman will be focussing on key strategic partnerships, customer relationships and new business strategy development as part of his new role.

Founder and new Director. Jon Evans said, “ For the business, [the move] is just to make sure we keep the right focus to allow that growth to really maximise itself. Stuart has been the managing director for the last two years and he has proven himself very capable and would allow us to get to that level of growth that we’re aiming to achieve in this exciting time for Enablis.”

Couchman joined Enablis (previously known as Azzurri Communications) in 2007 for a brief stint as a consultant and later joined back in 2011. Since then, has been associated for almost eleven years with the company in various management roles ranging from its Chief Technology Officer in 2011, Chief Operating Officer in 2015 and Managing Director in 2019. He also counts The Network Collective, Sirocco and iForce as his previous employers.

Speaking on his role, new CEO Stuart Couchman said,”  I have been working with Evans for some 11 years, we have helped grow the business together and that it has been a partnership all the way. Because we are getting to that growth phase, and it’s about having a single view on things so we can ensure we move forward as quickly as possible.”

He also added that he is also looking forward to working more closely with customers and understanding all their problems, issues, goals and whatever else is happening in their business and help build a roadmap for them.

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