News: DigiCert appoints Jason Sabin new CTO


DigiCert appoints Jason Sabin new CTO

Sabin, the former CIO, will now lead DigiCert's technology strategy.
DigiCert appoints Jason Sabin new CTO

Internet security firm DigiCert, the largest global provider of identity verification and encryption solutions, has announced the appointment of Jason Sabin as its Chief Technology Officer, taking over from Dan Timpson. Sabin, who has been with DigiCert since 2012, previously served as VP of Research and Development, Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer. As CIO, he led the company's shift towards the SaaS and cloud services model.

In his new role, Sabin will lead DigiCert's technology strategy, which includes advancing TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions for identity and security. He said: “DigiCert is in a strong position, with a commitment to modern technology and innovation. I look forward to furthering my passion for dissecting technology problems and developing solutions that make a real difference for customers.”

Calling Sabin the right leader to advance DigiCert’s technology vision, CEO John Merrill said: “Jason’s background and passion are in engineering, and he’s proven in numerous roles at DigiCert that he’s both a great manager and a great technical leader.”

Sabin has more than 20 years of engineering and R&D experience in the identity and security industry, including positions at at NetIQ, Novell and Volera. He is an accomplished speaker at security, IoT and technology conferences, and owns more than 50 patents issued around identity, security, access management and cloud computing.

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