News: Fashion start-up StockX appoints Damien Hooper-Campbell as Chief Impact Officer


Fashion start-up StockX appoints Damien Hooper-Campbell as Chief Impact Officer

Hooper-Campbell counts Zoom, Ebay. Google and Uber as his previous employers, where he has worked in leadership capacity.
Fashion start-up StockX appoints Damien Hooper-Campbell as Chief Impact Officer

Fashion start-up StockX has made a new addition to their C-suite leadership with the appointment of Damien Hooper-Campbell as its first-ever Chief Impact Officer. The latest move brings diversity and inclusion strategy amidst the fashion marketplace. 

In his new role, Hooper-Campbell will headline the company’s strategy regarding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and also lead its environmental, social and community initiatives. He would be directly reporting to CEO Scott Cutler.

“At StockX, we are firm believers in the notion that investment in community is as important as investment in operations. Damien’s knowledge and passion for developing high-growth company cultures will allow us to take our DEI and social impact work to the next level, while also positioning the platform for the future,” said CEO Scott Culter in a statement. 

Global fashion’s diversity and inclusion efforts have been in the spotlight since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the fashion industry seems to have quickly understood that they need DEI experts in their midst.

Hooper-Campbell is a veteran of two decade years of experience in leading culture, community and social impact, primarily at tech companies. Prior to StockX, he was Zoom's first Chief Diversity Officer and he also held the same inaugural role at Ebay too. Hooper-Campbell has also served as global diversity and inclusion lead at Uber and diversity strategist at Google.

“StockX aims to empower everyone to connect to culture through their passions and I look forward to employing that ethos — one rooted in access and inclusivity — in our work through this new and ever important role, “ said Damien Hooper-Campbell, StockX. 

He also added that this is an opportunity for them [StockX] to build on an already strong foundation across core areas like social impact and DEI and he is looking forward to applying what he has learnt to drive impact for the business and for the broader StockX community.

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