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Winning in the ’20s

In the coming decade, companies will increasingly need to compete at the rate of learning. With the rapid acceleration in digital and workplace transformation, organisations have to adapt to changing realities and a dynamic yet uncertain environment. The question then remains, what are some of the best practices organisations must engage in as they march forward into the future brimming with challenges and opportunities?

Continuous learning takes center stage at this juncture which pushes employees to be ever ready in the face of potential challenges. Because it aids them in their growth and development, organisations have to take charge of its learning as well as skilling priorities and how to balance between the two. In this campaign Winning in the 20’s, by People Matters and Disprz, we aim to enable organisations as they set out to re-invent and innovate their learning journeys.


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Overcoming the skill demand-supply mismatch

Overcoming the skill demand-supply mismatch

As the world of work undergoes rapid changes, skill requirements also steadily change creating a skill shortage across industries. In order to fight against this shortage, L&D strategies initiated will be a game changer.

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