Article: Use technology to better leaders and their leadership


Use technology to better leaders and their leadership

Technology has been instrumental in changing the role of leadership today. But how can you implement the right technology to better leadership in your organization?
Use technology to better leaders and their leadership

Technology has enveloped every area of our lives and management teams of companies haven't stayed immune to this change. With companies digitizing themselves, it has become crucial to adopt technology in the leadership aspect of companies. Since technology is ever-evolving and growing at a massive pace, companies need to keep up with the changing scenario in technology and ways to implement them within their workspace.

Technology has made things simpler for leaders today. Things like the IoT, AI, chatbots, augmented reality (AR) and blockchain has resolved many of the issues at work, leaving them room to tackle leadership duties at work with ease. Nonetheless, this also implies that the team will be demanding and their needs are to be met faster than before.

Changing trends due to technology 

In today's day and age, it has become essential to be a part of the social media world, not just to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues but also to remain updated with the recent trends and happenings in the world. A recent report by Weber Shandwick states that 60 per cent of CEO's have no social media presence which can adversely affect their brand image. Moreover, if leaders themselves aren't keeping up with the trends in the industry, it sends across a wrong message to the employees of the organization.

Modern leaders prefer digital over the physical path of communication to deliver formal messages since there are fewer misunderstandings and discrepancies and are more crystal clear in nature. It also saves ample time that is otherwise spent in discussion and could be used for more productive purposes.

How is technology making better leaders? 

Automating tasks to focus on leadership: For an employee to become a leader in his environment, he needs guidance, encouragement and the right motivation along with people skills that cannot be managed with technology alone. They require human interaction regularly to learn and grow. What technology does is, it provides that time to employees by automating most of their work so they can use this time to focus on interdisciplinary thinking, and learn more about qualities like empathy along with growing emotional intelligence.

Autonomous monitoring: Unlike earlier days, watching over employees in the office is no more a necessity. Now with the boom in technology, you can work from anywhere by simply logging into your system. Leadership that is supported with technology lets you work even from remote areas making work possible without the added pressure of having to be available physically available there. Technology has made it possible for leaders to monitor and mentor subordinates effectively. Employees can share their work and mentors can share their feedback in realtime.

Guidance and coaching: Whitmore said, "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them." You need to use technology to be an enabler in becoming a better employer. Employees should be made to feel responsible by influencing them to give their best till they reach their pinnacle. Certain social organizational tools use task-based systems to enable teams to work their best at work, providing them with guidance and support wherever required. It also records data on the kind of work each employee has contributed to the task given providing clarity on the employee's performance over a period of time.

Task enablement: The tasks being delegated at work have newer ways to be completed with the use of AI and automated data. This makes the job easier to achieve and helps clear away the challenges. Enabling employees to fulfil their tasks with an armload of technology at their doorstep can help them be happier to work in this space, reducing their stress and getting their creative juices flowing. All this can help the process move along really fast and smoothly, without interruptions or delays.


Technology in leadership is driving this space irrespective of the size of the company. It has helped boost the workforce and lift their morale. At the same time, it has helped leaders achieve their goals in a non-traditional way. This has thus, helped to take on new approaches and deliver results in a faster way all along building productive teams and boosting the business. 

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