Article: Meta to Deloitte: Companies that rolled out internal AI tools for employees


Meta to Deloitte: Companies that rolled out internal AI tools for employees

Specifically, the deployment of internal AI tools customised for employees has become a defining characteristic of innovative organisations dedicated to maintaining a competitive edge in the digital era.
Meta to Deloitte: Companies that rolled out internal AI tools for employees

Technological advancements continue to reshape the ways in which employees interact with their tasks, colleagues, and organisational systems. Among these advancements, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools stands out as a pivotal force driving efficiency, innovation, and employee empowerment. 

Across various industries, companies are harnessing the power of AI to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth among their workforce. In particular, the rollout of internal AI tools tailored for employees has emerged as a hallmark of forward-thinking organisations committed to staying ahead in the digital age.

The transformative power of internal AI tools

With unprecedented technological advancement, employees are witnessing a transformative shift in the workplace, marked by the integration of cutting-edge AI tools and chatbots tailored to enhance their productivity and skill development. Across various industries, forward-thinking organisations are spearheading this movement by rolling out their own internal AI solutions, aimed at empowering their workforce like never before. These tools not only streamline repetitive tasks but also provide invaluable support for upskilling initiatives, equipping employees with the resources they need to thrive in an increasingly digitised landscape.

Pioneers of innovation: Companies leading the charge

Among the pioneers of this innovative trend are standout companies committed to harnessing the potential of AI to revolutionise the employee experience. From personalised learning platforms that adapt to individual preferences to virtual assistants that automate routine administrative duties, these internal AI tools represent a paradigm shift in how organisations nurture talent and drive efficiency. By investing in these advanced technologies, these companies are not only staying ahead of the curve but also fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth, ensuring that their employees are equipped to excel in the most dynamic era of work yet.

Exploring companies at the forefront of AI adoption

Deloitte: The multinational professional services firm rolled out a generative AI chatbot named ‘PairD’ to 75,000 employees across Europe and the Middle East, enhancing productivity and embracing AI technology trends.

Meta: The technology conglomerate launched an AI chatbot called ‘Metamate,’ trained on internal data, to assist employees with tasks such as summarising meetings and debugging features, showcasing a commitment to internal innovation.

Wilo: The Wilo Group introduced WiloGPT, an in-house AI chatbot, to streamline workflows and enhance digital capabilities, demonstrating leadership in leveraging AI for operational excellence.

OCBC Bank: After a successful trial period, OCBC Bank implemented an AI chatbot to expedite tasks and enhance productivity across various functions, showcasing the transformative impact of AI in the banking sector.

PwC: The professional services firm provided partners and staff with access to ChatPwC, a virtual assistant, to improve productivity and client service, highlighting the firm's commitment to leveraging AI for business success.

McKinsey: The consulting firm launched Lilli, a proprietary AI platform, to consolidate knowledge sources and streamline internal processes, exemplifying a strategic approach to AI adoption for organisational efficiency.

Walmart: The retail giant introduced My Assistant, an AI-powered tool, to support non-store employees with tasks such as drafting documents and summarising information, showcasing AI's potential to enhance operational efficiency across diverse sectors.

Cognizant: Through a partnership with Microsoft, Cognizant introduced the Innovation Assistant to foster creativity and innovation among employees, highlighting the collaborative potential of AI in driving business innovation.

Pipefy: The industry leader in process automation unveiled Pipefy AI for HR, featuring chatbots to assist employees with HR-related tasks, underscoring the importance of AI in enhancing employee experiences and operational efficiency.

Workelevate: The HR platform introduced an HR chatbot to optimize HR support services and promote employee engagement, exemplifying AI's role in streamlining HR processes and enhancing employee experiences.

Excelity Global: The HR solutions provider launched Excelia, an AI-powered chat assistant, to address employee queries and streamline HR processes, showcasing AI's potential to transform HR operations and employee interactions. has developed its own internal AI tool, known as Raya, which operates as a digital colleague for the People team. Integrated within the communication platform, Slack, Raya serves as a resource for employees, addressing various needs such as psychological support and social engagement.

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As companies continue to navigate the complexities of the digital age, the adoption of internal AI tools represents a strategic imperative for staying competitive and driving innovation. 

From enhancing productivity and operational efficiency to fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth, AI tools have the potential to revolutionise the employee experience and empower organisations to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace. By embracing AI technology trends and leveraging internal AI solutions, companies can position themselves for success in the era of digital transformation.

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