Article: Do you know great talent when you see one?

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Do you know great talent when you see one?

Great talent is hard to come by when you examine the traits that make them successful at work and in life. And no, it isn't just about their skills.
Do you know great talent when you see one?

The best talents aren't just those who produce the most – or the best – results. When evaluating employees, performance indicators aren't the only factors to consider. To identify the best talent, you need to look beyond just their production capacity. A bad attitude paired with high productivity isn't good, and neither are leadership skills without ethics.

Experts have compiled a list of characteristics that key talent should possess, including:

1) A positive attitude

2) An entrepreneurial spirit

3) Leadership skills

4) The ability to work as part of a team

5) Innovation and creativity

6) The understanding of, and commitment to, the company's values

7) A high sense of ethics and integrity

8) The potential to grow professionally

9) The ability to make decisions

10) Flexibility in the face of change

HR teams must develop competency programs that clearly define the company's objectives, purpose, and culture to attract and engage the right professionals for the job.

It's important for companies to develop strategies to understand their workers' capabilities, competencies, and skills to enhance their growth in a personalised way. This requires defining job roles and necessary profiles, having clear evaluation processes, providing spaces for real feedback, and promoting lifelong learning.

It's essential to analyse how people think and not just what they do to truly understand the human behind the professional achievements. Understanding their personal approach to problem-solving and innovation can make a significant positive difference in new processes while making employees feel valued and engaged.

Talent development programs are key to any company's success. By getting to know employees and supporting their growth with coaching, mentoring, networking opportunities, and ongoing training, companies can build effective, productive, and satisfied teams. In a context of fierce competition for talent, this is crucial to ensuring the best people stay.

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