Article: Can't find the right talent? Time to check your hiring strategy

Talent Acquisition

Can't find the right talent? Time to check your hiring strategy

Are employers placing incredibly high standards on candidates?
Can't find the right talent? Time to check your hiring strategy

For employers, finding the ideal talent suited for the job is getting more complex and challenging than ever.

The emergence of The Great Resignation has pushed companies to rethink their recruitment strategies and adopt new methods for acquiring the talent they need to be successful.

From meeting job-hoppers to dealing with diminishing numbers of job applicants, there are many challenges that companies face today when it comes to recruitment.

But that’s not all. Experts suggest that incredibly steep standards set by companies may be the reason why they have not been able to attract the right talent.

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Even the use of tools such as artificial intelligence and algorithms to screen applicants could potentially reject qualified candidates just because they are short of a few skills.

With that said, how can companies expand their talent pool and secure employees who are fit for the role despite the many challenges they encounter?

Why companies struggle to hire new talent

Adam Karpiak, President of Karpiak Consulting, wrote in a LinkedIn post that companies are struggling to hire new talent because they have unnecessary requirements.

Adam, for example, pointed out the relevance of degrees in a job position. For him, degrees are still important. But if someone has the experience even without the degree, then the person might also be fit for the job, he said.

The popular career specialist also explained that it doesn’t make sense to require a set number of years as part of a candidate's work experience. He believes that it is pointless to reject someone just because they don’t have the years to back up their experience.

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"If someone has the skills, and if they've been successful using these skills, how can you say: 'sorry, you need one more year of experience doing the same thing to qualify,'" Adam wrote.

Often, a proper training and onboarding program can also make up for the need for specialist know-how.

"Develop the talent you need; don't wait for the talent you want," he said.

Adam reminded readers that job requirements are just preferences. If a recruiter feels that someone must have a particular requirement for the job, then the recruiter should also reassess why.

Indeed, attracting the right talent is a matter of having the right strategies and tools. However, employers must also examine whether they are placing incredibly high standards on candidates and creating more barriers – than opportunities – for employment.

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