Article: CIPD-IHRP Think Tank 2.0: Embracing disruption & preparing for the future of work

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CIPD-IHRP Think Tank 2.0: Embracing disruption & preparing for the future of work

On 25th November, 2019, close to seventy business leaders, HR professionals, representatives from government institutions, academia and HR professional bodies came together for a day of learning, networking and stimulating conversations on the challenges and opportunities brought about by disruption.
CIPD-IHRP Think Tank 2.0: Embracing disruption & preparing for the future of work

With this theme in mind, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) jointly organised “HR Think Tank 2.0: Disruption”, held on 25 November, 2019, at Singtel’s newly launched Learning Center @ 8 George Street, Singapore. 

The disruptors of the world of work: Tech, globalization & demographic shifts 

Addressing the audience at the CIPD-IHRP Think Tank 2.0, Zaqy Mohamad (Minister of State for National Development & Manpower Singapore), said in his keynote speech -“Advanced automation, shorter tech cycle, and changing demographics are forcing businesses to rethink the way they operate and how they manage their workforce.”

Peter Cheese (CIPD CEO) echoed, it is not just technology. There are many things disrupting our community, for instance, political change, economic uncertainty, demographic shifts and social change where people are finding their voice.  People have access to new ways and platforms for expressing their thoughts and opinions in different ways, which leaders and establishments across the globe may not yet be ready to address.

These disruptors poses some burning questions to the HR Community: How will the demand for skills change? How can HR leaders nurture the new skills in demand? Is HR itself equipped to manage the emerging demands of work?

Per Aileen Tan (Singtel Group CHRO), “The rise of the digital economy means that all of us HR practitioners must take proactive steps to ensure that our workforce is equipped with the requisites and skill sets that will be needed in the future”. 

“It is no longer business as usual and neither should it be HR as usual. Beyond supporting the learning and growth of employees, HR professionals themselves need to focus on equipping themselves with the new set of skills and competencies to deliver greater value add to their organisations,” Mayank Parekh (IHRP CEO) reiterates.

The six IHRP Master Professionals recognised at CIPD-IHRP Think Tank 2.0 are examples of HR practitioners who have taken the initiative to invest in their own capability building and enabling others to prepare for the future of work. 

(Left to right): DN Prasad (Senior Director, Strategy, People and Organisation, GovTech Singapore); Annella Heytens (Chief People Officer, Bottling Investments Group at The Coca-Cola Company); Swee Chen Goh (Chairperson of IHRP's Board); Fermin Diez (Deputy CEO & Group Director, Human Capital and Organisation Development, NCSS); Zaqy Mohamad (Minister of State for National Development & Manpower Singapore); Mayank Parekh (CEO, IHRP); Gloria Chin (HR Director, National Environment Agency); Norbert Ehlert (Head, HR, Research & Development Greater China, APAC Middle East Africa, P&G); and Renata Janini Dohmen (SVP Human Resources - APJ, SAP)

Embracing disruption and harnessing technology to accelerate learning and decision making

Think Tank delegates got the opportunity to attend three Disrupt Showcases, where they learnt about Singtel’s Curious App, as well as AI and data science platforms offered by emerging tech startups: Caito and Dataiku.  

MOS Zaqy Mohamad visiting the various Disrupt Showcases: Singtel, Caito and Dataiku.

Representatives from these diverse ecosystem stakeholder groups came together to deliberate on disruption, with their discussions culminating in a lively and highly stimulating “Hot Seat Debate”.  Think Tank delegates shared thought provoking viewpoints, clarified stakeholder expectations and reaffirmed their commitment to collaborate in creating workforce solutions that address disruption. 

Delegates look on, as the exciting Hot Seat Debate ensued.

Partnering to drive change and address disruption

The strategic partnership between CIPD and IHRP is an example of one of the many steps taken in the direction to collaborate and co-create sustainable strategies to prepare HR professionals for disruptions.  Through such partnerships and many other initiatives, the entire community can come together to elevate the HR practice to enable business and workforce transformations. 

MOS Zaqy Mohamad and IHRP Chairman, Swee Chen Goh witnesses the signing ceremony, as CIPD and IHRP CEOs renew the strategic partnership for the next two years.

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