Article: How AI will give IT staffing a major boost

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How AI will give IT staffing a major boost

With the increase in a number of AI-enabled machines and devices, the requirement for skilled IT professionals will also grow manifold as the machines cannot learn anything human all by itself.
How AI will give IT staffing a major boost

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword today as much is being talked about AI as a threat to human jobs. From research reports to media talk shows, every day it is predicted how AI-powered robots are going to lead disguised unemployment first and then mass unemployment. Last year, the former president of Google China forewarned that AI will wipe out almost half of all jobs in the next 10 years. Where there are thousands of reasons to be afraid of AI Takeover, the ease of working and more job opportunities are a few of the good reasons here to welcome the disruptive revolution. 

It surely is a no-brainer that AI will be revolutionizing the current landscape of employment and IT industry. With technology becoming powerful and accessible around the globe, from mundane to crucial tasks can be automated which humans take long and tedious hours to complete. Self-service machines, driverless cars, and smart homes have already marked the beginning of the rise of machines. The intelligent machines are quicker and accurate in arduous data computation and organizing hundreds of spreadsheets in the fraction of seconds. However, understanding human behavior and reacting to the situations with empathy and compassion will take years and years for the machines unless they are taught how to do it. 

AI—threat or advantage? 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is quite optimistic with Artificial Intelligence believing the human flaws can be mended with the intelligence of robots. In areas like Healthcare, the AI robots will complement the human endeavors by managing mechanical tasks like medical billing & coding and allowing the human staff to attend more important actions like drawing conclusions from the diagnostic report. The technology will both improve existing jobs as well as create new ones.

With the increase in a number of AI-enabled machines and devices, the requirement for skilled IT professionals will also grow manifold as the machines cannot learn anything human all by itself. The robots and machines call for human intervention and data in a timely manner to function effectively and efficiently. From developing an AI application or device to maintaining it at regular intervals, human beings and their cognitive power will remain the top priority in all sectors. 

Generation of AI Jobs

The Accenture PLC’s global study, over a thousand big companies, have already started using or testing AI & machine-learning systems. The study also revealed the emergence of various new and unique human jobs amidst the AI landscape and these are the jobs that need high-tech skills and training. In fact, the same study also reports that almost 75% of total companies surveyed hire recent university graduates as well as industry and academic experts to train in advanced AI systems. That means the unique and new IT-related jobs are being created in every field. 

1.    Demand for IT trainers 

In a coming few years, there will be more job creations for IT trainers who can basically train the AI-devices how to perform like humans, how to translate like humans, and how to counsel a depressed person. The IT professionals would need to design and develop the algorithms which help the devices think like a human. For example, Yahoo engineers recently developed a sarcasm detector in order to make the language processing system learn what people literally mean on social media and discussion forums. Similarly, there will be an urgent need for AI and Machine Learning researchers and developers at the R&D centers of the large companies who are ready to instill their human intelligence and intuition in the machines.  

2.    Requirement of IT support analysts 

How does a machine work? How does it make a decision to take a particular action? IT support analysts can explain the inner mechanism of the AI and Machine Learning systems to the company and can further advise them how to harness the intelligence of these systems. Using experimental analytical techniques on AI algorithm and data, the entire logic and method behind the working of AI systems can be understood and explained for improving their performance and implementing them at the right place. The big companies that are leveraging the advanced AI systems hire IT academic experts for revealing the issues related to AI & machine learning. 

3.    Budding of AI development companies

Until now, we have witnessed major AI breakthroughs with the development of driverless cars, social humanoid robot Sophia, Amazon’s Alexa, the E-Patrol Robot Sheriff, etc. But, it is expected during the next decade that every small or big task of our job and personal life will be automated. This will include AI translators which guarantee 100% accuracy in language translation and the brilliant driverless vehicles prompt in taking a wise decision when dealing with rare real-world situations. By keeping up with the massive change, more and more AI development startups will emerge creating a pool of jobs for the millennial. 

The gist of the discussion

With the introduction of AI, the industries worldwide are running out of skilled, competitive, and qualified talent. Providing them with the right talent is the prime choice for IT staffing companies. But for this, they have to understand the challenges and opportunities prevalent in the industries to rightly supply the IT professionals to the employers.

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