Article: How to quit your job gracefully

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How to quit your job gracefully

Resigning takes thoughtful and careful planning. Follow these tips on how to quit your job gracefully and leave in a positive manner.
How to quit your job gracefully

The Great Resignation brought about an unprecedented movement of workers. Millions of people quit their jobs for various reasons, such as their desire for better career opportunities and work conditions.

People who resigned from their jobs in 2021 were primarily looking for more flexible work arrangements, better pay, more benefits, and an opportunity to have work-life balance. Many felt dissatisfied with their work, salary, or environment.

Zooming into the situation, however, we find how quitting isn’t always without friction – even if you’re on good terms with your boss.

The importance of moving on gracefully

When you do decide to quit your job, doing so as professionally and as gracefully as possible can yield benefits.

Resigning gracefully from a position allows you to effectively transition from one career opportunity to the next while also maintaining good relationships with your colleagues.

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Learning to resign with professionalism can also greatly increase your chances of getting positive references from your former colleagues and managers. It helps to keep your professional reputation intact.

Even if you hate your job or despise your boss, it’s worth noting that you can leave without burning bridges. Treating your former bosses and co-workers positively can help you gather a smooth transition when you move to a different company in the same industry.

How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

Following preferred resignation procedures can help you leave your job gracefully. However, these additional strategies can make you look more dignified when you resign.

Communicative positively.

Communicating in a positive manner can help you in the long run. Whether you want to return later on, or you need good references to transfer over to a new company, staying positive with your former co-workers can be beneficial to your career. Whatever your motivation for leaving your old job, communicate your decision to your workplace in a positive way.

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Keep working and limit the talk.

During the last few weeks of your employment, continue performing at the high standards you have in the past. Focus on your current job rather than your next opportunity. You can certainly answer any questions people have about your next role but speak humbly and keep your answers concise.

Be open to render more time.

Some employers may ask you to stay longer to help them transition to the company without you. If you can stay longer, giving an extended notice period can endear you to your employer. If you cannot stay longer, be honest about your situation and say you are sorry you cannot help.

Resigning appropriately from a position takes thoughtful and careful planning. Follow these tips on how to quit your job gracefully and leave in a positive manner.

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