Article: Zoom into the roadblocks and zoom out to explore the possibilities at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022


Zoom into the roadblocks and zoom out to explore the possibilities at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022

Global leaders such as Brian Sommer and Daniel Kahneman discuss the emerging trends set to change the business landscape and the barriers that need to be broken to make the most of the opportunities in the era of disruptions ahead of People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022.
Zoom into the roadblocks and zoom out to explore the possibilities at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022

The future of work is rapidly evolving and changing and organisations across the globe are grappling with newer challenges and finding ways to tackle them, while keeping their employees happy and building their enterprise. But many are left wondering as to how technology and automation are going to change modern workplaces, what is the one most desirable trait to have in people managers in these unpredictable times, who is going to make it to the other side by overcoming these challenges and what it actually takes to succeed?

To give you a roadmap of sorts and to answer some of your questions, we have a spectacular line-up of global speakers, including Brian Sommer and Daniel Kahneman, who are observing these emerging trends and helping organisations navigate through the tough times, with their valuable insights. 

If you too are looking for answers, join us at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022, Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, taking place on 25-26 August at Marina Sands Bay, Singapore. 

Bias: The biggest hinderance to any organisation’s success

For Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, who is also the best-selling author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, the focus has always been on organisational biases that play a key role in decision-making and its negative impact on growth if not tackled in a proper manner. But in recent times, he has come across a new phenomena - noise, which is becoming a major problem at workplaces. 

Kahneman believes that when it comes to decision-making, the senior executives in the corporate hierarchy have to create an atmosphere free of fear, where employees are truthful and more forthcoming when it comes to divulging information about challenges, roadblocks, barriers, difficulties and solutions. 

Along with the right atmosphere, there is also an urgent need for leaders to have empathy, so their teams are efficient and much more focused on their tasks. 

He believes that there are diverse functions of leadership, the instrumental ones and the team-building and team maintenance responsibilities and different leaders have problems in one or the other areas, which is common. According to him, no leader is perfect and there is always room for improvement as leaders and their styles differ greatly from one another. 

The one word of advice he has for leaders and employees alike as we look ahead into the future of work with AI set to transform the society at large, is to keep an open mind to the changing situations. 

To learn more about organisational biases and noise, you can read Kahneman’s exclusive interview with People Matters or better yet, join us at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022, where he will share valuable insights as a speaker. 

Basis for Growth: Let go of the rigidity and inculcate creativity

For founder/president of TechVentive, Brian Sommer, this upcoming period will bring with it some fundamental changes in the business landscape where we will see companies trying to in invest in their already existing employee pool without looking at hiring new employees, building on a work environment and culture, where employees feel like staying for long, with a lot more focus on advanced technologies to streamline processes at every turn. 

As we move into the future, the work of HR such as looking into inquiries, answering phone calls and emails, will be taken over by smart chatbots, giving more time for the department to focus on important decisions regarding employee experience, engagement, business growth and opportunities to redefine hiring and evaluation. 

And the one trend that is going to shape the times ahead with the emergence of advanced technologies will be the need for data scientists and highly skilled and specialised individuals who know how to model things, diagram it out and design the different kinds of algorithms and workflows. 

While all is set to change, he encourages leaders to stay more open-minded and creative so as to understand and use technology in a way that it unburdens their employees, who will get a chance to focus more on their own development and generate work of unparalleled quality than just quantity. 

He also shares that there is a need for senior leaders to step out of their comfort zone and look at what other companies are doing during this time to grapple with the challenges. This will give them a fair idea of what processes need to change at their own company to move towards growth. 

To learn more about path-breaking ways of transforming companies and building risk-taking leaders, you can read Sommer’s exclusive interview with People Matters or better yet, join us at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022, where he will explore what drives some companies towards success while others fail. 

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