Article: Reimagine the future of work with Holger Mueller and Dave Ulrich’s masterclasses at People Matters TechHR Singapore 22


Reimagine the future of work with Holger Mueller and Dave Ulrich’s masterclasses at People Matters TechHR Singapore 22

Are you looking for an answer as to how the workplace of the future would look like and what will be the role of Web 3.0? Join us to get a deeper understanding of the changing world of work enabled by tech and its impact in Dave Ulrich and Holger Mueller’s masterclasses at People Matters TechHRSG 2022.
Reimagine the future of work with Holger Mueller and Dave Ulrich’s masterclasses at People Matters TechHR Singapore 22

The world of work is rapidly changing with increasing technological interventions, which are pushing individuals, teams and organisations to prepare for the bumpy road ahead. And the question on everyone’s mind is: How to create opportunities amid these disruptions to become future-ready? If you have been looking for answers to similar questions for quite sometime now, look no further as we are back with a power-packed agenda at Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022, where we deep dive to understand the impact of tech on business.  

This year at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022, the world’s leading thinkers, Dave Ulrich and Holger Mueller, who have been at the forefront of seeking new ideas and tackling some of the most pertinent dilemmas, will shed light on strategies, skills and tools required to unlock organisational value with the help of emerging technologies in their respective masterclasses. With Mueller exploring the topic, ‘Harness Emerging Tech as Early Movers’ and Ulrich focussing his masterclass on ‘Architecting The Future of Work: Action plan for CHROs’, this will be the chance of a lifetime to learn from the best about reshaping the world of work at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on August 25. And hurry, these BeNext masterclasses are open only to Platinum Delegates!

Architecting The Future of Work: Action plan for CHROs

He is known as the father of modern HR and for the right reasons! Dave Ulrich, co-author of more than 30 books, co-founder of the RBL Group and professor at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, has articulated the basics of effective leadership, connected leadership with customers and synthesised ways to ensure that leadership aspirations turn into actions through his writing, teaching and consulting. He is among the world’s top 10 creative people in business and in his masterclass, he will speak to CHROs, senior functional heads and talent leaders on the diverse ways of rising to the opportunity to accelerate the larger business transformation. He will equip each of the attendees with a step-by-step plan to build capabilities within the HR team to scale and sustain business impact along with synchronising talent, leadership and organisational rhythm for business growth. 

Harness Emerging Tech as Early Movers

With invasion of technology and seismic shift at the workplace, Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research, advocates for unlocking organisational value through emerging technologies. In his masterclass, Mueller will talk about what Web 3.0 means to a leader as well as to an organisation. He will also expose you to what new technology such as metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, etc., mean in the space of people and work and its various applications. So join us at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022 to understand PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS and their implications. 

Gear up for the future of work, driven by numerous drivers: decentralised autonomous organisation, people-centricity, Web 3.0 and smart contracts where HR needs to find the right balance while encouraging everyone from the top-down to learn to unlearn. Here’s your chance to meet some of the most dynamic and determined leaders of the SEA region at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022 at Marina Bay Sands on August 25 where you become the answer, Now and Next. Register now!

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