Article: Three HR trends that will remain relevant in 2020

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Three HR trends that will remain relevant in 2020

Understanding how innovative trends work and how to apply them in your workplace and workforce can help the organization become more effective, efficient, and productive.
Three HR trends that will remain relevant in 2020

The era of digitalization involves continuous technological advancements, developments, and innovations that can be connected with human resources or HR. Human resources innovations are rapidly improving to develop the processes and practices of those involved in the human resource industry.

Businesses are aware of the vast diversity of trends in the human resource industry to help organizations know where they stand in terms of utilizing the trends of human resources. Understanding how innovative trends work and how to apply them in your workplace and workforce can help the organization become more effective, efficient, and productive.

Since more and more people are looking to work for companies that revolve around the environment and the positivity of the workplace, the implementation of trends is essential. The interests and preferences of people that want to work for companies are also changing. While there are many trends to focus on, here are top three trends that should be in HR professionals priority list:

Employee Engagement

The level of a person or employee’s commitment, involvement, and emotional connection to their company is employee engagement. Every employee desires to be valued by the higher hierarchy for their hard work and dedication. The hard work and commitment of employees can result in a continuous enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to the growth of the company

Human resources should always focus on ensuring that their employees feel valued around coworkers and while doing their job. Ensuring that the employees feel valued can improve their performance and productivity that can prevent a decrease in employee retention.

One of the main problems that we commonly find in organizations is that it always lacks employee engagement. Employees should never feel different and insignificant, based on their roles in the organization. Although, that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any rules and regulations that the company shouldn’t implement.

Companies need to realize that using human resource technologies such as mobile phones, social media, wearable devices, and more can result in a more positive attitude of employees. Letting employees know the company appreciates them by frequently having employee engagement initiatives can help the company win.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

The use of automation and artificial intelligence in human resources can change the way companies hire new employees. The trend of automation and artificial intelligence can help companies become more discoverable through keyword matches in search engines. Further, email automation and applicant tracking systems have also become more effective.

Companies will be able to hire more productive employees through a series of tests that they can conduct using applicant tracking systems. Gone are the days in which people can take advantage of their knowledge of the system to manipulate the minds of employers. Instead, individuals can have a better chance of landing a job because of being honest.

Human Resource Analytics

HR analytics is one of the most critical innovative trends that can help analyze and identify the problems. Since HR analytics utilizes a data-driven approach, HR professionals can now collect better data to allow them to analyze, understand, and make use of the collected data to execute objective-based decisions instead of judgments or intuitions.

Organizations have to be open about using HR analytics to have complete control of the information and statistics of the company. Having full control of the information and statistics of the company can help identify situations or areas that are facing a problem to help find better solutions.

For instance, analyzing the metrics of resignation rates can help identify why there is an increase in that particular metric. The organization can then look at the metrics connected to the resignation rates such as promotions, performance, engagement, and pay increases. Thus, letting them know where have they gone wrong and what they can improve to fix it.

Human resource trends are essential for any industry because it can help improve every aspect that can affect the overall success of the company or organization. HR professionals should know that there can be a lot of problems in a thriving company culture where lack of attention to details such as low employee engagement can affect any company negatively.

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