Article: People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020: Hear it from the Speakers themselves!

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People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020: Hear it from the Speakers themselves!

Hear it straight from our star speakers-what are they looking forward to at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020, Asia’s largest HR & WorkTech Conference!
People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020: Hear it from the Speakers themselves!

Here at People Matters, everything is now in place and preparations well underway for our second annual People Matters TechHR Singapore, Asia's largest HR & Work Tech Conference, taking place at Singapore's spectacular Marina Bay Sands on February 19th-21st. 

With just over a month to go, the People Matters team is so excited to bring together some of the world's most innovative thought-leaders and progressive experts for what promises to be a robust and fruitful interaction of minds. Over the three days, the 3,000+ delegates will have a chance to take part in workshops and masterclasses, listen to presentations and panels, attend exhibitions and go on study tours across top companies in Singapore. In anticipation of People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020, we asked some of our guest speakers to share what they're looking forward to most about the conference. Enjoy!

People Analytics with David Green, The People Analytics Program, Insight222

David Green, Managing Director of The People Analytics Program is looking forward to running his all-day workshop on the 19th of February and doing a keynote and a masterclass on the 20th as well. A globally respected writer, speaker, consultant and all-around expert on data-driven HR and the future of work, David will be drawing on his knowledge to lead these sessions around the topic of people analytics, and how to use it to drive business value and the employee experience. David praised the “great line-up” of speakers and said he was excited to hear from people like Jason Ava Burke and Kathy Cosco Crowe of Google, but also from great local speakers of the practitioner community in Singapore. A fascinating and thought-provoking expert on the tech world as it applies to HR, David will no doubt bring his illuminating vision and unparalleled creativity to the sessions at Marina Bay Sands. 

'21 Jobs of the Future' with Robert Hoyle Brown, VP Cognizant Technology Solutions

Rob Hoyle Brown, Vice President, Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant in Saint Francisco will be doing a couple of sessions, including a keynote on ’21 Jobs of the Future’ – talking about how the age of algorithms and AI is already here but “the road to the future of work runs right through the modern HR function as we know it.” Rob is also excited to talk about the Three C’s – “coaching, connecting, and caring” – and how these are going to “underpin the jobs of the future.” We are also lucky enough to have Rob run a masterclass entitled “From and To: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Future of Work but were Afraid to ask.” In this session, Rob will disentangle complex issues surrounding the future of work, touching on factors such as the aesthetics of work, the tools of work, the places we work and employee experience optimization. A dynamic and creative thinker, Rob will surely set the tone for the rest of the conference – collaborative, ground-breaking, innovative and future-facing. 


Mission NASA with Casey Swails, Director, Executive Services, NASA

Casey Swails, Director of Executive Services at NASA is excited to share her innovative insights with “the space nerds out there.” During her masterclass, Casey will give an exclusive look into how NASA – formerly “the only game in town” when it came to aerospace technology – is preserving their legacy, history and culture while looking to the future and figuring out how to reinvent themselves as more and more commercial enterprises invest in space exploration and technology. Drawing on her expertise and experience, Casey will discuss how to develop effective strategies and change management plans, how to avoid common pitfalls during transformation and how to achieve stakeholder buy-in for the plans and goals you’re trying to achieve.  

Merck’s People Analytics Journey with Alexis Saussinan 

Alexis Saussinan, the Global Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & People Analytics at Merck, is looking forward to his session in which he will share how Merck has been striving to democratise People Analytics across the whole Merck group, both in HR and in the business itself. As Alexis says, “data and people analytics has become the new law” when it comes to business and strategic decisions and this session will give a second-to-none look at this essential factor of modern business. Alexis will also be sharing more innovative examples of how he and team are using analytics to build and support business value. This session will no doubt be an illuminating examination of how data and people analytics have been used to spur the transformation journey, learning and achievements at Merck over the past few years. 

Creating a Self-Driven, Purposeful Organization with Luigi Maria Fierro, ING

Luigi Maria Fierro, the Head of HR Strategy & Transformation at ING will join us to share his experience and story. A seasoned expert in HR and transformation, as Head of Performance Management at ING, Luigi redesigned the group’s performance management framework, overseeing its entire implementation and a transformation program of 55,000 employees. Luigi is excited to join us at the conference to share his strategies on how to build a “self-driven purpose” organisation that can actually enhance the purpose of every employee, ultimately leading to better engagement and improved economic results. Luigi says he is looking forward to meeting with everyone at the conference in the spirit of collaboration. 

Case Study on Evolving People Function at Grab

Chin Yin Ong, Head of People at fastest growing Grab, is looking forward to joining us on February 20th at Marina Bay Sands. At the conference, Chin Yin will be sharing her story of how she built and evolved the HR function at Grab – a hypergrowth start-up that has transformed the landscape of Southeast Asia. Chin Yin’s areas of expertise range extensively from sustainability, to tech, to workplace cultures to talent management and much more in between. She is excited to meet everyone at the conference and share her unique perspectives on growth, technology, start-ups and the processes she has utilized to unlock the true potential of the workforce. 

Wellness on Top of the People Agenda

Suresh Rai, Unilever’s VP of HR in Southeast Asia and Australasia, is looking forward to talking about workplace wellness and how best to go about building a great employee wellbeing program. “Employee wellbeing is directly correlated to the discretionary effort of employees,” Suresh says, adding that employee wellbeing is truly a business issue. In his current role, Suresh oversees 11 markets and more than 15,000 employees. He will no doubt bring his optimistic, forward-thinking vision and ability to implement large-scale positive transformation to the conference table and we are thrilled to have him on board to deliver his thoughts. 

People & Tech to drive maximum Business Value at Naspers

Sola Osinoiki, Senior Director Global People Technology at Naspers, will join us for three sessions in total, including a roundtable in which CEOs from different organisations will discuss how they want to drive value from people technology. The other panel Sola is excited to take part in will investigate the impacts of technology on our world. Finally, Sola will be leading a solo session on the effects of virtual and augmented reality. An experienced consultant, issue-solver and expert in global HR systems implementation, Sola has worked with everyone from large international businesses to small to medium enterprises, helping organisations and teams to leverage technology to their advantage and deliver transformational solutions. Sola is excited to be speaking at the People Matters TechHR conference in such a variety of capacities and looks forward to meeting like-minded people in Singapore in February. 

Digital: from the biggest challenge to the biggest impact: Telekom Malaysia

Farid Basir, the Chief Human Capital Officer at Telekom Malaysia will join us to talk about the company’s digital transformation journey. As Farid points out, a recent survey revealed that less than a quarter of HR leaders say they feel prepared for a digital workplace. “Digital transformation is proving to be one of the biggest if not the biggest challenge in our field,” he says. During his session, Farid is looking forward to sharing how Telekom Malaysia have tackled this challenge through their organisation’s digital transformation journey which integrated automation, digitisation of facial services and digital upskilling of their workforce. A renowned expert, Farid has almost 25 years’ experience in global human resources across a variety of sectors and spectrums. He is anticipating a “robust discussion” on digital transformation as it relates to the HR function and is looking forward to meeting everyone. 


People Matters TechHR is one of the Best in the Circuit!

Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst at Silicon Valley-based research firm Constellation Research will focus on how to make the RIGHT choice of Technology. With many products available in the market, how do you choose what's the right product for your organization? Once you have made that choice and it is time to implement, how do you shorten the implementation process and maximize ROI? Holger will also bring insights on key trends coming soon and what they mean to CHROs.

Join these leaders and more at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 - a world of networking opportunities with 3,000 delegates from 40+ countries at People Matters TechHR 2020 in Singapore.

Like-minded leaders, ambitious to take the people function to the next curve; this is what People Matters TechHR Conference community is all about. Join us and make this journey more productive, more impactful & long-lasting!

Registration will close soon when all seats are booked. Register now!  

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