Article: Get certified by global leaders: TechHR Certification Workshops

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Get certified by global leaders: TechHR Certification Workshops

Here’s why the People Matters TechHR Certification Workshops must be your top priority as you plan your learning journey ahead. To be held on 19th February 2020, these workshops will have an exclusive lineup of speakers on topics that make a huge difference to the work, people & technology space.
Get certified by global leaders: TechHR Certification Workshops

It’s no news that the adoption and integration of intelligent HR-tech solutions are essential aspects for making a better business impact with HR. To enable and empower the people and the organization, HR teams have to develop new workplace models and design output-driven work processes. However, the lack of resources, knowledge and insights are holding back HR teams from driving this transformation in their respective companies. 

As pointed out by Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Report, HR leaders are no longer simply ‘digitizing’ their work, but ‘digitalizing’ their entire work process to integrate technology into the core of job roles. To be able to lead such transformation, HR professionals need to build their own expertise and gain insights on the various aspects of leading successful implementation of business strategies. improving employee productivity and performance, and solving various challenges for your organisation. This is where our latest series of certification workshops come in picture. Designed specially for HR professionals from diverse domains and industries, People Matters TechHR Certification Workshops includes learning sessions led by global experts. These workshops are an opportunity to get certified in a specific area and make a bigger impact with the knowledge and insights you gain here. 

As part of the larger conference, People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020, themed around ‘BY DESIGN’, this is the opportunity to learn directly from the greatest minds of the HR world. 

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the workshops:

Driving business productivity & employee experience with people analytics by David Green

People analytics offers tremendous potential to companies to support business strategy, improve productivity and performance, and personalize and enhance the employee experience. However, when it comes to adoption, business and HR leaders are still struggling to derive value from people analytics.

“How can I improve my impact?” and “What should I focus on?” are some of the most challenging questions HR leaders are asking. 

Led by globally respected speaker, advisor and executive consultant on People Analytics, data-driven HR and the future of work, David Green Managing Director, The People Analytics Program, Insight222 will discuss his approach to help you answer these questions. 

Besides gaining insights HR practitioners can become certified professionals who are able to derive more value from people analytics. 

The People Matters TechHR Certification Workshop on ‘Driving business productivity & employee experience with people analytics by David Green’ by David Green will help HR professionals:

  • Learn about the dimensions and steps required to build and sustain success with people analytics.
  • Prepare your organization to take advantage of the opportunities offered by people analytics whilst navigating the challenges. 
  • Identify business challenges within individual delegate organizations that could potentially be solved through the insights offered by people analytics. 

Employee experience playbook for CHROs by Jason Averbook

The concept of employee experience has evolved immensely over the years. Recently it has become more digital, giving HR practitioners new opportunities to experiment but also new challenges as they have never done this before. The major challenge being how to deliver a frictionless digital workforce experience that not only gives the workforce direct access to the tools, service, and intelligence they need to excel at their jobs but also delivers processes that drive engagement or a shift from "adoption to addiction.”

Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder Leapgen hence brings the focus of his workshop on this major challenge and present HR professionals a playbook that will help them determine what is the current state of their workforce digital experience and allow them to integrate technology strategies that engage their workforce to be productive. HR practitioners who attend this workshop will have access to this playbook and get an opportunity to become a certified employee experience expert themselves. 

Design Dynamics for a Great Culture by Kevin Gilboe

Design Dynamics for a Great Culture Business growth and long-term success have always been strongly linked to culture. For leaders, fostering a culture with the right balance of resilience and agility to navigate ambiguity is a strategic priority. Beyond the design of great products and services, the creative, human-centric and action-oriented principles of Design Thinking can form an effective toolbox to shape culture. In this full-day, activity-focused workshop, Kevin Gilboe, 3M will help you explore how design concepts and techniques can activate a positive organizational culture. Further, he will leverage story-telling and a cinematic approach to make culture come alive and set teams for success.

Culture is like theater: Learn how to design and direct the story you want to see! 

The attendees will take back with them insights and a certificate:

Key Takeaways:

  • Building vision and language to diagnose culture
  • Human-centric and story-based approaches to upgrading team effectiveness
  • Tools to help others to see and act in building a positive culture

Click here to register for these workshops which be held on 19th of February for HR practitioners. 

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