Article: An APAC HR virtual conference that paves way for a successful 2024

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An APAC HR virtual conference that paves way for a successful 2024

A recent People Matters and ServiceNow conference that brought together top minds in the talent landscape to navigate the new frontier of work, experience, and productivity across APAC.
An APAC HR virtual conference that paves way for a successful 2024

The business and work landscape across APAC today remains in flux, with disruptive technologies like Gen AI, rising automation, and rapid digitalisation all posing challenges to existing business models of growth. The rapid evolution of these technologies, especially Gen AI, has created a new wave of disruption for companies in key economies like Australia, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Business leaders look at how the workforce is skilled, engaged, and retained as talent becomes the key driver of business success. The spotlight is on HR leaders to scale productivity and experience and drive learning and retention targets.

Whether it's Australia which - amidst growing demands for better employee experience - has witnessed the rise in AI investments or Singapore which today is looking at large-scale capability-building initiatives focused on building AI fluency and tackling digital skills demand, the new frontier of work, productivity and experience has finally arrived.

People Matters and ServiceNow’s exclusive Virtual Conference Shifting Horizons: Mapping the New Frontier of Productivity, Growth, and Experience brought together top CHROs, tech leaders and thinkers to discuss a wide range of pressing issues and topics that matter to you, your organisation, and most importantly your employees.

Key takeaways from the sessions:

  • People Tech Strategy has to look from the personalisation lens to enhance employee experience for hiring and retention, AI will be invaluable in contextualising the history of each employee and achieving this.
  • Gen AI  is dramatically increasing the processes towards self-service and automation. Its potential to impact COEs across the HR function will be a critical enabler.
  • Synthesising information is going to be a game changer in an age where we are overloaded with information. AI will prove a game-changer in enabling companies to process information and make effective decisions.
  • GenAI and reskilling your workforce are undoubtedly a part of the same conversation. Skilling needs to be adaptable and should respond to newer business needs.
  • While uncertainty remains in how HR is going to evolve, companies are excited to explore new opportunities, experiment, and build future-ready solutions.
  • It's critical for HR leaders to not forget the human part of the equation while driving EX, engagement, and productivity.

The way ahead for an impactful 2024

To transform, skill, and enhance experience proactively and lead the curve entails overcoming the ensuing uncertainty of these newer technologies and forging a new path to success. One that empowers employees with the right skills and experience, leverages self-serving, cost-effective digital platforms, and ensures companies across India, Singapore, and Australia can build for a brighter future.

Navigating this new frontier requires top minds in the talent and business landscape to come together to build impactful, future-ready strategies that harness the power of disruptive technologies like AI and enable businesses to reduce costs and raise efficiencies across the board.

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