Article: 10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss People Matters TechHR SEA 2021!

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10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss People Matters TechHR SEA 2021!

People Matters TechHR SEA 2021 is coming to your screens from 5th-7th May! Here are 10 reasons why you should not miss Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference based on the theme of The Great Emergence, and reimagine the possibilities presented by our new reality.
10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss People Matters TechHR SEA 2021!

2021 is emerging from the shadows of last year’s pandemic cautiously yet with a glimmer of hope. As we enter the second year of the pandemic, millions have received the first COVID-19 vaccines and as dissemination starts in several countries, we enter a major turning point in the pandemic. While there is fresh optimism for 2021, the uncertainty still continues.

While we won’t be able to forget the events and disruption of 2020, it’s important we don’t lose sight of the lessons learned too. Following on from our theme for People Matters TechHR Singapore last year, The Great Reset, we have the chance to stride ahead and build a better-than-ever world of people and work. People Matters TechHR SEA 2021’s theme, The Great Emergence will answer the question that stares us in the face- what next?

How can organizations continue the pandemic-driven transformation to leverage the opportunities ahead? How can they maximize productivity in the hybrid and flexible work models? How do they continue to focus on wellbeing as a source of commitment and engagement? And most importantly, how does HR as a function continue its quest to become more digital, data-centric and business-driven than ever before, with execution being at the core?

These concepts are at the heart of this shift and that is what People Matters TechHR SEA 2021 will aim to address, marking the new beginning of reimagining the possibilities presented by our new reality.

We give you 10 reasons why you cannot miss People Matters TechHR SEA 2021 this year:

1. Leading voices from the World of HR & Work Tech come together to shape the great emergence: Dr. John Boudreau, Senior Research Scientist and Professor Emeritus of Management and Organization, Marshall School of Business, author for more than 10 books; Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder, Leapgen, leading analysts on the impact of technology on the future of work; William Tincup, President, Editor-at-Large,, advisor to some of the leading solution providers in Work Tech space and the list continues. Click here to view the entire list of speakers

2. Agenda covering themes lying at an intersection of talent, technology, transformation & experience: With the focus on execution, this year our agenda is going to cover the themes RecruitTech to focus on recruiting & onboarding virtually; WorkTech will rethink the ways of working to maximize the productivity & innovation; EngageTech will help you rethink rewards & benefits; RemoteTech will empower you for virtual collaboration, AutomationTech will take a closer look at AI, robotics & other technologies;  HealthTech will enable you with return-to-work ways, LearnTech will focus on virtual learning & skill enablement at scale; ways of creating a WOW experience for employees at every touchpoint will be covered in ExperienceTech, and PerformanceTech will help you with workplace collaboration.

3. Global & regional CHROs will join us: Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, Accenture; Scott Domann, Chief People Officer, Calm; Donna Kimmel, EVP, Chief People Officer, Citrix, and many other CHROs are joining us to share how they are solving the talent challenges of now. Click here for the complete list of speakers.

4. WorkTech Masterclasses & Virtual Collaboration Rooms: We just don’t bring you the capability building hands-on with our masterclasses but also virtual collaboration rooms to brainstorm together, get the opportunity to contribute & collaborate by pre-registering here. Limited seats available!

5. We don’t just have sessions but an unwinding zone too: Don’t just learn in the interactive virtual sessions, experience the unwinding zone created for you to help in dealing with the virtual fatigue.

6. Exclusive Speaker Rooms: Interact with speakers live in-person & ask all your toughest questions in the exclusive speaker rooms. Limited seats available, pre-registration required.  

7. Designed peer-to-peer networking: This is where the world of work comes together! There will be more than 2500+ HR leaders. An AI-based conference platform will match you with like-minded peers; you can set up virtual meetings or chat on the platform itself to expand your professional network.  

8. Make your own schedule: Save relevant content and get reminders before it begins to help you create your own schedule for the 3 days. You can access the conference through the web platform or mobile app.

9. TechHR Night Fest: Virtual night full of fun & designed networking. Night Fest only for pre-registered delegates, block your seat now.

10. Virtual Expo with Leading HR & Work Tech Solution Providers: If you are looking for an innovative tech solution or service for your organization that addresses not only your talent challenges but also meets your budget, do visit the virtual Product Marketplace and browse through multiple options to choose from. Click here for the complete list of solution providers.


Join us for the great emergence! Join us at the upcoming People Matters TechHR SEA 2021 coming to your screens from 5th to 7th May. Click here to register.

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