Article: When leaders pledge to #EmpowerHer


When leaders pledge to #EmpowerHer

Being a gender champion is everyone’s responsibility. But, the time to take action is right now! As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, here is a look at what leaders are doing to empower their women workforce.
When leaders pledge to #EmpowerHer

It is International Women’s Day - the time of the year where the buzzword will be ‘women’. There will be discussions around gender diversity, women leaders and debates on equal rights.

The world will be cheering for women!

However, is cheering for women enough? Will it increase women’s participation at the workplace and in leadership role(s)? Will a debate on equal pay rights bridge the gender pay gap? We talk of empowering women at work, but are we doing enough? All the cheering will do no good until we take action, until we walk the talk.

Hence, this Women’s Day, we ask and urge leaders to speak up, be bold, be more involved and share one idea/step they will take to empower women employees at work in 2019.

We strongly believe that being a gender champion is everyone’s responsibility. Take a pledge today to #EmpowerHer.

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