Article: Mulia Group’s Yussy Santoso outlines 4 tips to empower your employees

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Mulia Group’s Yussy Santoso outlines 4 tips to empower your employees

People Matters spoke to Yussy Santoso, HR director at Mulia Industry Group to find out how organisations can empower their employees
Mulia Group’s Yussy Santoso outlines 4 tips to empower your employees

For many, the word empowerment in the workplace seems just like a buzzword. With changing times, leaders have realised that it is essential for staff retention and creating a more productive and happy work environment. After all, workplace empowerment provides a lifeline to struggling workers and boosts the morale of the workforce.

It’s also crucial to highlight other best practices to create more equipped employees. To deliberate on the same, People Matters exclusively spoke to Yussy Santoso, Human Resources Director, Mulia Industry Group (MIG). He shared some essential tips to empower employees for the future of work.

1.- Redefine your existing work and HR policies 

The impact of the coronavirus was felt across the world. After the pandemic, leaders are occupied navigating a broad range of interrelated issues that span from keeping their employees and customer safe, shoring up cash and liquidity, and reorienting operations to navigating complicated government support programmes. 

“This pandemic showed us that we have to adapt new technologies and tools to maintain collaboration and connectivity. Another challenging situation is the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which highly impacted energy and food supplies. This has left the business in more volatility and unpredictable situation,” said Santoso, who also shared three tips to deal with these complications.

A) Sustainability: It’s crucial to strengthen business sustainability through human capital. Don’t ignore the needs and requirements of your employees. Instead, improve and build people’s capability to support your business.

B) Capability building: Capability building is a must to transform the way how work gets done. Tools like video conferences, meeting with managers, and activities to support team collaboration, can be highly helpful. 

C) Build a safe work environment: Given the current situation, leaders should focus on the health and wellbeing of employees. Redefine health policies to build a safe work environment for everyone to increase employee engagement and retention through perceived organisational support. 

2. Adapt to the current environment 

While the pandemic has receded, leaders can’t expect office life to be as it was earlier. But they can create a new work world that will keep employees happy and productive. “In this completely changed work environment, being adaptive is necessary. Leaders need to rethink each aspect, such as replacing physical meetings with digital, introducing digital signature, doing all HR transactions online, and most importantly developing the HR tech ecosystem,” recommended Yussy. 

3. Make employees stay

According to studies, up to 40 per cent of the global workforce is considering quitting their jobs voluntarily this year. On the other hand, leaders have been struggling to find workers with the right set of skills. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that hiring and retention have turned out to be a massive headache for companies and their HR departments. Yussy Santoso shared three tips to make your employees stay.

  • Make your employees feel valued, recognised and respected with the help of talent management programmes, performance management, and rewards systems.
  • Provide and follow health protocols to support employees during sickness recovery.
  • Focus on young talent. Make them feel mentored and give them ample opportunity to grow.

4. Develop an HR tech ecosystem

With the passage of time, new products are entering the HR tech market now and then. These advancements promise vast improvements in hiring great talent and offering an excellent employee experience. As a leader, make sure to use the right technology for your team. “To remain at the top, it’s crucial to develop the HR tech ecosystem in a company. This will improve your employee experience with the help of easy digital advancements,” said Santoso. 

“In the post-Covid-19 era and disruption 4.0, we all are seeing a lot of changes in lifestyle and working environment. For instance, the rise in the demand for electric cars or transportation. These are clear indications that workers are expecting companies to provide a more appealing digital working experience. This will require new thinking to redesign the working environment,” concluded Santoso.

Yussy Santoso was one of our speakers at People Matters EX Indonesia earlier this November. Did you miss the conference? Block your calendars because we will be back next year!

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