Article: A motivated worker is an efficient worker: How to inspire your team

Employee Engagement

A motivated worker is an efficient worker: How to inspire your team

There are common motivators for people to bring their A game. Here, we uncover five that can help you drive better performance and team spirit.
A motivated worker is an efficient worker: How to inspire your team

It’s true – each one of us has experiences and expectations that cannot always be placed under an umbrella system of employee engagement. Even more so in today's context, where many employees work remotely and entire teams don't even know each other as well as they did before the hybrid/remote work revolution. 

However, there are common motivators for employees to bring their A game in any business. Here, we uncover five motivators that can help you drive better performance while fostering a positive team spirit:


What can motivate a person more than knowing that the company trusts them? Encouraging them to develop a sense of responsibility and autonomy can be achieved only by setting clear objectives and processes.

Within that overall framework, each employee must have the power and freedom to do their job. Empowerment is certainly a motivator.

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Recognition isn't just about lauding people publicly whenever they do a good job or achieve a good result. It can also be about giving each employee the opportunity to flex their skills, so that they can do it efficiently and feel seen. It's about letting each person find meaning in what they do because this will influence their commitment and dedication.

Space for learning and growth

Nothing is more motivating than knowing that you can grow in the workplace. When there is room to develop a career and move up in a company, a worker will do their best. Helping them to grow also means giving them the necessary tools and training.

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Flexibility and work-life balance

The advent of remote or hybrid work changed the life circumstances of many. But whether they are working on-site or remotely, people tend to appreciate it when the company takes into account their personal time and respects their space.

A safe and pleasant work environment

For teams that have returned to working on-site, (re)building their relationship with colleagues in a safe and pleasant environment allows them to feel motivated and perform better. But even for those who telecommute, the virtual space must be encouraging as well, offering them opportunities to be listened to, respected and recognised.

A motivated worker is an efficient worker. However, leaving workers disengaged while expecting them to perform their best can cost your business in the long run.

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