Article: Entrepreneur stress? Habits for a happier and more productive journey


Entrepreneur stress? Habits for a happier and more productive journey

From having clear schedules to taking power naps, discover habits as an entrepreneur to keep you afloat and thriving even in turbulent waters.
Entrepreneur stress? Habits for a happier and more productive journey

Being an entrepreneur or self-employed is akin to being the captain of your own ship, responsible for navigating through stormy weather and calm waters. The pressure experienced by self-employed individuals, commonly known as "entrepreneur stress," is characterised by various factors that impact both personal and professional life. These include:

  1. Lack of clear time references for the start and end of the workday
  2. Greater financial and health risks compared to salaried workers
  3. Limited access to worker welfare policies in Human Resources
  4. The need for a comprehensive vision of the entire business model
  5. The need to create one's own workplace

While some level of stress is inevitable, there are habits that can make entrepreneurs happier, healthier and more productive. These habits are within their control and can be cultivated daily to improve their lifestyle.

Establish clear work schedules

Create a detailed personal timetable that includes designated break times and defines the start and end of the workday. This approach helps avoid constant connectivity and the blending of work and personal time. Although there may be occasions where extending the workday is unavoidable, it is crucial not to make it a general rule, as excessive stress can quickly ensue.

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Learn techniques to help you disconnect mentally

Practices such as relaxation, meditation, controlled breathing, and regular physical exercise can help you focus on the present moment; temporarily shift your mind away from work; and prevent stress levels from elevating.

Take it easy!

Taking into account the recommended hours of rest (ideally, eight hours of continuous sleep) when planning your personal schedule is crucial to avoiding stress-related issues.

Furthermore, it is essential to plan vacations and allocate time for family and friends as much as possible. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial, even when work demands long hours. Don't underestimate the importance of social life or time off.

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In addition, incorporating short breaks into the workday is beneficial. Taking five or 10 minutes of rest every hour rejuvenates energy and enhances focus. These breaks are not time wasted but rather an investment that improves overall productivity.

While not specifically habits, possessing certain attitudes such as vision, passion, motivation, curiosity, creativity, confidence, the ability to take risks, and a willingness to learn from mistakes significantly contribute to an entrepreneur's success.

When combined with healthy lifestyle habits that help combat the stress of being self-employed, the outcome is increased productivity and greater happiness for entrepreneurs.

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