72% of Thai graduates could lose jobs to AI by 2030: Thai Minister

By 2030, 72% of university graduates in Thailand could be either unemployed or working in a job that does not require a bachelor's degree as their jobs will have been taken away by artificial intelligence and robots, as per Udom Kachinthorn, Deputy Minister of Education. 

Quoting a report released by World Bank's early this year on youth unemployment, Dr Udom stated, "Thus, if Thai universities do not adapt and cannot build a workforce with future-proof skills, the country may have to cope with largest ever rate of unemployment."

He said digital transformation will totally redefine the way people work, live and learn. While some jobs would disappear, others will grow, and jobs that don't even exist today could become commonplace. 

The deputy minister warned that administrative and office workers who lack all but routine skills are at the highest danger of being made "redundant" and being replaced by machines. 

The minister urged that universities must embrace change by employing digital technology to make content more lively and relevant. He pointed out that the deeply entrenched models of the Thai education system are already outdated because they focus on building a limited skill set.

"Now the universities of the future must teach students how to become learners. Schools and universities must change from being just classrooms to becoming learning spaces. Pedagogues must assume new roles as coaches who provide guidance, not only giving lectures," he said. 

Additionally, he stressed that Universities will also have to contend with "virtual universities" and online teachers luring students with cheap and easy-to-access digital classrooms. 


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